Solar Damper

                            Solar Tracker Dampers

                            Brand: XSD
                            Type: oil damper
                            Certification: IATF16949
                            Mounting direction: vertical 
                            Function: anti vibration, stabilization
                            Application: solar trackers, solar panel tracking, solar farm, solar power 
                            Zhengzhou XSD Machinery Co., Ltd - Solar Damper Expert
                            •  30 years experience in design, producing & sales;
                            •  Leading share of tracker dampers in global market;
                            •  Annual production capacity reaches 2 million pieces;
                            •  Largest solar damper and shock absorber manufacturer in China;
                            •  Provide customized shock absorbers and dampers to suit different applications.

                            Product Advantages
                            • Great prices.
                            • IATF 16949 standard
                            • Long life span & reliable performance 
                            • Customized design and multiple options of configurations

                            Product Characteristics
                            • Our dampers are through tough tests and continuous improvement
                            • XSD brand dampers can efficiently reduce wind vibration and stabilize solar tracker system.
                            • Fast damping response at strong wind condition, while in normal working condition, the damper provides very small force with little influence on trackers.

                            Work Principle 
                            Tracker systems are unstable at relatively modest wind speeds. Measures such as external dampers must be implemented to stabilize the system. XSD dampers can optimize solar tracking system in reducing operation risk. Our dampers are designed for harsh weather and bad site conditions( fitting high & low temperature and dust shielding), increasing backtracking reliability.

                            Package & Delivery
                            - Customized package box, pallet, logo, print, etc. 
                            - Good stack & solid bind for long time transportation;
                            - Packing and shipments managed by well trained personnel;
                            - Dispatch goods with utmost care, and reach within the specified deadline.

                            XSD Service
                            - One stop & traceable service.
                            - Freely contact: 24h×7ds available with fast response.
                            Technical Datas
                            Product name   Solar damper, solar tracker damper, dampers for solar tracking system
                            Damping Dual acting, symmetrical in both extension and compression directions 
                            Peak force Customized per tracking system
                            Performance Smooth damping, no oil cavitation, foaming or linear skip.
                            Extended & compressed length Customized per tracking system
                            Paint Black or other colors paint for sites with high corrosion
                             Dust proof Yes
                             Resistance For high rust grade and corrosion
                             Operating temperature Harsh weather conditions
                             Oil seal   Anti corrosion and aging, well sealing no leakage
                            Configuration Customized, keep confidential for every client
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